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  • Wordpress Changes the Game

    This week Automattic released the Windows version of the WordPress application – the end result of a quiet 2 year engineering effort to re-architect the under-pinnings of the entire platform. That the developers have managed to evolve the platform while it is live is quite frankly astonishing.

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  • Generating PDFs on the Fly - Lessons Learned

    One of the more common requirements we come across while working on document management projects is the automatic generation of documents. Sometimes it may be as simple as the production of form letters, and sometimes it may be the production of complex business reports.

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  • Deploying SharePoint - "Big Bang" or "Phased Roll-out"?

    The roll-out of SharePoint to users can be achieved as a "Big Bang" or "Phased Roll-out". Selecting the right way will be influenced by the project type, size and shape of your organisation.

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