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EasyShare is a packaged solution which facilitates the rapid deployment of corporate Intranets and introduces custom enhancements to SharePoint and Office 365.

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EasyShare sites are beautifully branded, intuitive to employees, feature rich and mobile friendly. EasyShare is fully brandable so organisations can have the look and feel that reflects their corporate brand guidelines.

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EasyShare AEON – True Hybrid SharePoint

EasyShare AEON is currently the only product on the market to offer a truly hybrid experience for organisations looking to utilise the cloud at their own pace. EasyShare AEON is built on EasySharePoint’s expertise in delivering high-quality, best of class digital workspaces for organisations across every sector.

True Hybrid
EasyShare AEON is able to create a truly hybrid experience for SharePoint on premises and SharePoint Online. By utilising global navigation and consistent branding an organisation is able to present a single Intranet experience to the front-end user, while locating the different elements between SharePoint on premises and SharePoint Online.

Single Product, Multi-platform
EasyShare AEON is able to run on any SharePoint platform from 2013 onwards. This includes Office 365 and SharePoint 2016. The ability to have a single product, across multiple platforms gives customers greater flexibility and consistency when choosing the type of SharePoint platform that they intend to use or migrate to in the future.

Integrating features with Office 365
EasyShare AEON builds on EasyShare Online’s integration with Office 365 with the addition of new functionality including delve integration and Office 365 Groups integration.

Deltascheme services extend to the professional visual design and branding of corporate Intranets, consultancy services, information architecture, governance and support services.