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Nintex makes it easy to automate your processes, so you can keep projects moving, but without all the manual work. Tackle everything from simple processes in a department to sophisticated, company-wide processes like: Document Compliance, Contract Management, Employee On-Boarding, Asset Management and Tracking, Field Service and Inspection, Customer Support and much more.

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Nintex Workflow

Automate Business Processes Quickly and Easily

With Nintex Workflow, you can tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks – not code. Quickly turn time-consuming, unstructured processes into automated, efficient workflows. Make every part of your business work better, across human resources, operations, marketing and customer support.

Nintex Workflow

With Nintex Workflow you can get more done. Get up and running quickly, automating everyday processes like reviewing and approving requests, task routing, and collaborating on documents. Build workflows in hours or days, instead of months, and have an immediate impact on your business.

  • Fits seamlessly with your existing SharePoint and Office 365 environment, without a need for separate servers or infrastructure
  • Access a catalogue of sample workflows as well as time-saving smart defaults that preconfigure common activities and settings
  • Edit and enhance workflows quickly as business needs and requirements change.

Build workflows that connect and interact with your existing business applications such as SAP and Salesforce as well as cloud services like DocuSign, Box, Dropbox, Yammer, Twitter etc.

  • Create workflows with simple to complex logic
  • Start workflows based on events inside or outside SharePoint
  • Connect to various cloud services and line-of business systems through our pre-built connectors.

Decide, drag, drop and you’re done. Individual users and workflow professionals alike can automate processes in minutes reducing the time and effort involved in building, using and improving processes.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, browser-based, drag and drop workflow designer
  • Reduce the burden on IT and empower line-of-business users to automate their own processes
  • Design and deploy forms and mobile apps at the same time with one click.

Nintex Forms

Build and customise forms in a simple point-and-click format

Design forms in SharePoint and Office 365 using pre-defined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. Eliminate steps from your processes, make it easier to get the data you need, and keep your team working efficiently.

Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms is user-friendly, web-friendly and mobile-friendly.

Quick and easy
Nintex Forms is intuitive and browser-based, and requires no client software licensing or installation. Design visually appealing forms with sophisticated business logic and rich HTML formatting. Preview forms before publishing to ensure you deliver optimal user experiences.

  • Automatically generate forms to support your business applications
  • Design once and publish to browsers and mobile apps in an instant
  • Print forms to PDF, with enhanced control over page layout, such as breaks and paper size.

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility
Securely extend forms and processes to users outside the firewall. Native mobile applications support offline access and enable capture of touch input, location data, camera photos, video, audio and more.

  • Provide secure access to forms and processes anywhere, on any device
  • Consistent user experience across every platform
  • Use mobile features including images, attachments and geolocation, to keep processes moving.

Seamless Workflow Integration
Automatically generate forms that can be quickly customised, turning traditional workflows into sophisticated business applications. Kick off workflows and trigger tasks with forms.

  • Interact with key business processes whether online or offline
  • Build integrations with databases and business applications as you design your form
  • Query SQL databases and web services to populate dropdown lists, check boxes, radio buttons and labels.