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RecordPoint was created to cost effectively fill the gaps in SharePoint that prevent it being used as a standards compliant, enterprise grade records management solution.


RecordPoint addresses the local compliance challenge by leveraging and extending the native document and records management capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to provide a 100% SharePoint solution that is built to meet global and local records standards – a task that was previously cost prohibitive or technically unfeasible.


RecordPoint is your on premise and hybrid records management solution. Compatible with all versions of SharePoint.


Introducing our public cloud record management software. Built for Office 365, Record365 brings local standards compliance to your cloud.

Built for SharePoint
RecordPoint is our records management solution for on premises or hybrid environments. Built for SharePoint, RecordPoint is an enterprise grade solution that seamlessly integrates and extends the native record management capabilities of SharePoint enabling records compliance.

Compliance in Cruise Control
Reduce the administrative burden of manually classifying records with our automated policy engine. Providing features that seamlessly control, classify and automate record management for SharePoint, Fileshares, Social platforms and Office 365 so you don’t have to. The automated engine works behind the scenes while ensuring compliance and transparency with little impact to the user.

Save on your Total Cost of Ownership
By leveraging SharePoint’s infrastructure RecordPoint eliminates the need to further invest in other records system’s infrastructure, reducing an organization’s TCO. Offload infrequently accessed content to less expensive storage or even move it to the cloud.

Records Anywhere
With RecordPoint’s connector series you can efficiently maintain records compliance across multiple repositories and content sources. Manage records in SharePoint, Office 365, Fileshares, Social Media – all from one central place.