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RioLinx are passionate about identity management. Why? Because in order for secure, enterprise collaboration to be truly effective and efficient, authentication (who am I?) and authorization (what can I do?) must be as frictionless as possible.


​While that’s certainly already the case for internal collaboration between colleagues, external collaboration with partners, customers, suppliers, users or followers is still lacking the seamless authentication and authorization experience professional users and consumers alike expect in the 21st century. That friction creates an artificial barrier to adoption, which partly explains while external collaboration is still in its infancy.

RioLinx are set out to solve that problem and make external collaboration as pervasive as internal collaboration already is. With Extradium for SharePoint, RioLinx make it easy for organisations of all sizes to leverage the forms-based authentication capabilities of SharePoint and to let their power users (not their IT staff) manage their external user directory straight from within their SharePoint extranet sites.

RioLinx ​Extradium for SharePoint

A powerful, user-​friendly and easy-to-use forms-based authentication solution that allows your organisations to deploy internet or extranet sites on top of SharePoint 2010 or 2013 (Foundation and Server Editions) by radically simplifying user and group management.​

The Business Benefits​ ​of Extradium for SharePoint​​​​

  • Strea​mlined installation and configuration to accelerate the deployment:
    From the outset, Extradium for SharePoint was designed to fulfill the constraints of all organisations, especially those who don’t have the opportunity to hire and retain highly skilled SharePoint resources. With Extradium for SharePoint, no script nor command line tools are required: in no more than 3 steps and 10 minutes, your SharePoint extranet is up and running.
  • A compelling and dynamic user interface that makes administration tasks a pleasure:
    Why should administrative tasks be long, complex and boring? The AJAX-based user interface of Extradium for SharePoint has been specifically designed to accelerate user management tasks and make them look almost like a game.
  • A comprehensive self-service solution that gives maximum satisfaction to both your administrators and your users:
    Forms-based authentication (FBA), custom profile properties, notification emails, Captcha-protected registration forms, password reminder/password reset functionality, delegated administration, user invitations, registration approvals, password strength and password renewal policies, account expiration policies… All the essential features are present to ease your life and fulfill the needs of the most demanding users.
  • A fully functional and free version that enables you take the most out of your investment:
    With its expertise in consulting engagements, we know how long user adoption of a new software solution can be, while the financial investment must be done well ahead of time, with an impact on your organisation’s finances. To allow you to get the most of its functional richness at your own pace, Extradium for SharePoint is free for the first 20 extranet users, without any expiration date (upgrading to a commercial version is simply done with an activation code).