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There is no shortcut to a successful migration, but there is definitely a SharePoint migration tool that makes it substantially simpler. Copy SharePoint Lists, Libraries, Sites, Workflows, and Documents with the click of a button.

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Migration between SharePoint versions is simpler than ever

Full Site Migration
Migrate your entire SharePoint Site and keep its integrity during the move with a single motion. Simply drag & drop your Site.

Granular Migration
Pick & Choose the Site Objects you want to migrate from one SharePoint to another. (Lists, Libraries, Workflows, Content Types, etc.)

Migrate Site Collections
Connect to your central administration and easily migrate all your Site Collections at once to your target environment.

Migrate Sites and Subsites
Move SharePoint Sites and Subsites to another location in a heartbeat.

Change List URL and Name
Customize your lists and change their name and URL directly in Sharegate.

Change Sites URL and Names
Personalize your Sites and change their URL or their names in Sharegate.

Promote Site to Site Collection
Promote a subsite to a Site Collection in one click.

Change Site Template
Modify your Site templates and apply them to your environments.

Merge Existing Sites
Easily combine existing Sites and merge them into one.

Visualize & work on your environment in one interface

Sharegate’s Explorer is the easiest way to visualize and edit your SharePoint, Office 365 or Hybrid environment all in one place.


Make sure everyone has access to what they should

Sharegate allows you to identify what your users have access to making it easy to manage your permissions and comply with your security rules.

Migrate to Any SharePoint or Office 365

Simplify and accelerate your migration projects, even terabyte-sized ones: there’s no limit to the amount of data you can migrate with Sharegate. Upgrade to the latest SharePoint version or move your business to the cloud faster and with zero downtime.