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Case management solutions tend to be highly varied in their requirements but they do have recurring themes and for these Deltascheme have a number of products. In addition, the more complex case management solutions may require bespoke workflows, integrations and custom form development and for these requirements we use a mixture of Nintex workflow and bespoke code. Our case management products include a Site Creator, Request for Information Module and Outlook Email Manager.

Swift Site Creator

The concept of Site Creator is very simple, and that is that each time you add an entry to a list a new site is created from a template that is linked to that row in the list. Functionality built in to the Site Creator enhances the SharePoint behaviour of a site by providing a web part in the site that shows the list metadata and makes that metadata available to the site so that, for example, documents added to a library can inherit the metadata.

Swift Site Creator

See more information about Swift Site Creator here…

Swift Request for Information Module

The Swift Request for Information Module is a SharePoint add-in that provides a framework to deliver solutions for typical request for information requirements such as FOI, complaints, data protection, ministerial questions etc. Out of the box the product can be configured to deliver a SharePoint based solution and with work from our professional services team can be further enhanced to receive requests from the web, publish FOI results on a web site, and deliver comprehensive reports using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

Swift RFI

See more information about Swift Request for Information here…


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