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SharePoint provides most of the features needed to support a meeting – it’s just that they need pulling into a controlled structure that allows these features to be used in the right way and at the right time. This is the essence of a Deltascheme product called MeetingPoint for SharePoint. It is a SharePoint farm solution that facilitates the organisation of formal meetings by providing automated processes to create meetings, co-ordinate attendees, collaborate on agendas and meeting packs and provide governance around post-meeting output and minutes.

With MeetingPoint you can:

  • Invite and co-ordinate meeting attendees automatically
  • Schedule and collaborate on meeting documentation and board packs
  • Collaborate on agendas
  • Track attendance
  • Achieve compliance through permissions models designed to protect sensitive content
  • Publish agendas, minutes and decisions in PDF
  • Maintain a record of all meetings in SharePoint
  • Keep an audit of all meeting minutes, actions and notices

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