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Converting paper content into electronic content, i.e. scanning, is a frequent requirement for our professional services team and we have developed a keen expertise in this area with both detailed product knowledge of the Kofax product set and our own products. This together with our integration capability has allowed us to meet all our customer needs in this area. Examples include:-

Digital Mailroom

The key to implementing an effective digital post room was to provide multiple layers of indexing so that at each stage in the process the current user is empowered and can quickly make a decision on where the post should be routed. A Kofax Capture scanning solution with batch classes per department enabled post room staff to simply digitally post the mail to users in much the same way as they would a paper document. Kofax routes the documents to different SharePoint document libraries from where a departmental user picks up the digital post and is then able to fill in further metadata in SharePoint to route the post to the next destination / user. The Deltascheme Property Editor and a bespoke event handler provides this capability in an efficient manner by allowing the scanned image to be viewed alongside its metadata panel.

Reference: Brent LBC

Invoice scanning and automatic processing

The Kofax Transformation Module was integrated into an SAP system to automate the approval of invoices. The transformation module extracted key information from any invoice format it has been taught to recognise, validated this with the SAP data via an interface and then submitted the invoice as a scanned PDF into the SAP workflow for completion.

Paper record scanning into a DMS

A number of our clients have been able to downsize their office space by eliminating filing cabinets holding years’ worth of archive documents. The projects involved a back scan exercise together with ongoing scanning capability. Scanning software was from Kofax with Microsoft SharePoint as the repository. Integration with existing line of business systems provided validation of the metadata during the indexing process, OCR’ing of the documents enabled scanned content to also be found via SharePoint search.

Reference: Man Group and Canal and River Trust


Ad-hoc local scanning

For medium volume ad-hoc scanning a number of users were provided with a dedicated scanner and the Deltascheme SwiftScan product. This allowed the users to scan directly from the SharePoint library in a single operation without ever exiting SharePoint. SwiftScan supports scanners with a Twain device driver and can scan up to 90 page documents. It includes configuration that will allow it to be integrated with an OCR engine (purchased separately).

For users who do not spend their working life in SharePoint we have provided an alternative approach that uses the Kofax Express product which provides a desktop application for scanning into SharePoint.

Ad-hoc departmental scanning

Many of our clients have multi-function devices which provide printing and scanning in a single unit. These devices can be integrated with SharePoint but the user interface is not normally sufficient. Typically our customers route their scanned documents to their email address and then use the Swift Outlook Email Manager to load the attachment into SharePoint.

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