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Paul Turnbull - Deltascheme CEO

"It’s an odd place to start, but the 1970’s TV series called 'The Sweeney' had something to do with it, or at least the cars they screeched around in. In those days there was nothing better than borrowing a parent’s car and cruising around the local hotspots with your mates acting in much the same way as our TV role models. Well, this impressionable youngster with a dubious like of fast cars and driving badly had the opportunity to spend the day with a friend of the family who owned a software firm. There wasn’t much to see really, just a lot of guys typing away on green screen terminals. But my father’s friend drove a gold Ford Granada - just like the one used by Jack Regan. 

And that was it. Software engineering wasn’t so dull after all and I ended up at Imperial College on a Computer Science degree. Fortunately, my taste in cars moved on..."

Deltascheme Story

Deltascheme has been delivering solutions since 1986. In the early days we enjoyed the relatively pure world of Unix and C working in the finance world. Prior to the turn of the century, we worked with SAP - a large ERP vendor - migrating companies away from old systems in order to avoid the millennium bug. We continued developing around a large platform and turned our attention to EDRMS systems where we built case management solutions. Deltascheme started off as niche players with the likes of IBM FileNet and Open Texts Livelink product but when Microsoft entered the fray with SharePoint we embraced it and have driven our business towards delivering Microsoft based solutions. Today, the solutions we deliver are primarily around Office 365 and Azure.

Our Core Values

  • Customer First / IT second : We won’t sell you software you don’t need and will advise against a project if it's ill-conceived.
  • Commitment : We see the job through and won’t leave you in the lurch.
  • Collaborative and Inclusive : We work with and for you. We show how it’s done and leave you with new skills and knowledge and able to look after the system yourself.
  • Relational and empathetic : We're friendly and approachable, and we work hard to understand you and your issues.
  • Team players : We support each other. It’s not just one individual arriving at your organisation, but the collective knowledge of all. It's not unusual for us to be perceived as an extension to your IT department.