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Our Partners


The manufactures of a huge range of software but we particularly like SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure for building flexible Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions. We are very impressed the way Microsoft have been able to turn their business into a cloud focused business and look forward to their continued visionary drive delivering new and exciting products.

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We’ve worked with workflow products for over 15 years but none have been so simple to install and get running as Nintex. For the on premise version its part of the SharePoint farm and works seamlessly with SharePoint. We like to think of Nintex as a robot doing repetitive SharePoint actions predictably over and over but at the same time flexible enough to be extended and interfaced to the outside world.
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Concept Searching

Concept Searching is the industry leader specializing in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. It holds a Microsoft Gold Application Development competency, and its award-winning technologies manage all unstructured information assets in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.

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RecordPoint are new to the UK but bring with them a wealth of experience in how to do full blown records management in SharePoint. We particularly like the way the product is designed to let the users go about their business using SharePoint as a DMS but the Record Managers have an entirely different view over the content from the comprehensive RecordPoint app.

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EasySharePoint is a managed Microsoft Gold Partner with a long legacy of delivering clients social communication and collaboration solutions. EasyShare is a packed solution which facilitates rapid deployment and introduces custom enhancements to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. EasyShare sites are beautifully branded, intuitive to employees, feature rich and mobile ready.

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Kofax are one of the oldest names in scanning and have a very scalable, robust and extensible suite of products. We particularly like being able to write our own scripts in the product that allows us to closely integrate with SharePoint and validate metadata from external sources.

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Combined Knowledge

My team highly value the professionalism and deep insight the Combined Knowledge trainers bring each time Microsoft release a new version of their software. We have been using Combined Knowledge for many years now and they’ve never let us down.

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When it comes to migration these guys have really go it nailed. It’s intuitive user interface is very simple for the everyday user and for the professional developer the rules engine lets you do really quite complex migrations.

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Britecloud brings together the best cloud products, packaged services and partners in one, easy-to-access place.