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Deltascheme Team

Name: Paul Turnbull
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Managing Director
Experience: Over 38 years in IT engaged in all aspects of software development with later experience focused on designing solutions involving ECM systems.
Years at Deltascheme: 33
Hobbies / Interests: DIY, Cycling, Sailing
LinkedIn : Paul


Name: Clive Feakin
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Professional Services Director
Experience: Approaching 40 years in the world of IT, with experience in a wide of technologies and disciplines. Enjoys helping to discover and deliver great solutions for customers by way of the Deltascheme team.
Years at Deltascheme: 18
Hobbies / Interests: Running, caring for the environment and family fun
LinkedIn : Clive


Name: Mary Al-Ghabra
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Finance Manager
Experience: Over 20 years book-keeping experience.
Years at Deltascheme: 14
Hobbies / Interests: Singing in a choir, learning the violin, walking


Name: Jonathan Beckett
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Consultant and Developer
Experience: Over 20 years working as a consultant and developer, taking projects through from initial customer engagement to teaching of technology masterclasses, development of solutions, mentoring client development teams, and supporting solutions throughout their lifecycle.
Specialist Skills: Web design and development, software development, database design and development, workflow design and development. Certified SharePoint and Nintex Workflow and Forms developer.
Years at Deltascheme: 18
Hobbies / Interests: Away from work I enjoy writing, playing chess badly, reading great books, watching terrible movies, and standing on the touchline of football and rugby pitches cheering on my daughters.
LinkedIn : Jonathan


Name: Angelica Chan
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Marketing Analyst
Experience: Over 6 years of drawing insight from marketing and sales data in event and automotive industry.
Specialist Skills: Quantitative research analysis and data visualisation
Years at Deltascheme: Less than a year
Hobbies / Interests: Love exploring good restaurants in the local area
LinkedIn : Angelica

Name: Quentin Crowe FCIM, MA
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: I am helping to raise Deltascheme’s profile, so that more people know about the company’s brilliant IT solutions.
Experience: Over 30 years marketing experience in insurance, sports, education and IT sectors.
Specialist Skills: Customer insight, proposition development, marketing strategy.
Years at Deltascheme: less than a year
Hobbies / Interests: Cycling Mamil, motorsport
LinkedIn : Quentin


Name: Becky Driscoll
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Content Marketing
Experience: Over 3 years’ experience in Digital Marketing, Events and Communications.
Specialist Skills: digital marketing, social media and content creation.
Years at Deltascheme: 1
Hobbies / Interests: I like running, playing the piano and guitar.
LinkedIn : Becky

Name: Caroline Earley, Chartered MCIPD, MA HRM
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Head of HR and CS
Experience: A strategic Senior Manager with strategic and operational responsibility for HR and operational responsibility for the Customer Services function including the Helpdesk Service Desk.
Specialist Skills: Employment and Commercial Law, People Management, Project and Quality Management
Years at Deltascheme: 21
Hobbies / Interests: Dance, Music (of every genre) and I have recently taken up Tennis.
LinkedIn : Caroline


Name: Natasha Francis
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Customer Services Advisor, I work as part of the commercial team at Deltascheme dealing with the issuing of work packages and product quotations. I manage the commercial process through to delivery. I also maintain the renewal process for Maintenance and Support contracts and provide first line support for the Helpdesk system.
Experience: 21 years in an IT environment, 11 of which in Legal IT.
Years at Deltascheme: 10
Hobbies / Interests: Musical theatre, quiz nights and family riverside walks


Name: Chris Harvey MBCS CITP, BSc
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Software Developer
Experience: Over 35 years development experience in many languages, platforms and sectors.
Specialist Skills: SharePoint, Azure, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, React, jQuery.
Years at Deltascheme: 25
Hobbies / Interests: Genealogy, Taekwondo, Board games
LinkedIn : Chris


Name: Andrew Hawkins
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: I’m a senior technical consultant working in the land of Office 365, SharePoint on-prem and sometimes dabble with Kofax products. I’m also the Infrastructure Manager, looking after Deltascheme’s internal systems.
Experience: Over 25 years working in the IT industry.
Specialist Skills: Designing and developing cloud and on-prem solutions using the Microsoft and Kofax product stack.
Years at Deltascheme: 20
Hobbies / Interests: Electronic music composition and production, Retro-gaming, travelling the world
LinkedIn : Andrew


Name: Colm Keating
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Business Consultant
Experience: 11+ years’ experience working for and with public & private sector organisations across a range of sectors including IT, children’s education, property management, and State bodies.
Specialist Skills: Business process mapping, analysis & design, form and workflow design & build
Years at Deltascheme: 7
Hobbies / Interests: Reading, travelling and involved in staging European Culture Week 2020.
LinkedIn : Colm


Name: Keith Lester
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Senior business consultant helping clients exploit Office 365 and its capabilities to maximise business benefits and user adoption.
Experience: Over 25 years’ experience in governance, document and records management, and process improvement. Working with senior stakeholders in a wide range of organisations from 100 to 10,000 users.
Specialist Skills: Office 365 design and information architecture, information security and GDPR, business process improvement.
Years at Deltascheme: 3
Hobbies / Interests: Cycling and DIY
LinkedIn : Keith


Name: Mike Turnbull
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Business Consultant, I design and build Office 365, Azure based solutions to help our customers’ operational teams make better use of technology to work together more effectively.
Experience: Over 3 years experience of designing, building solutions and delivering change management consultancy, taking full ownership of the project from start to finish.
Specialist Skills: Front end development, workflow design, prototyping and design work
Years at Deltascheme: 3.5
Hobbies / Interests: Running and reading
LinkedIn : Mike


Name: Simon Wright
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Senior Technical Consultant
Experience: Twenty years of experience in software and web development for document management systems and advertising & marketing industry, involving technical accuracy, design and usability.
Specialist Skills: Azure development, SharePoint development, Web development, Customer requirements gathering and system design.
Years at Deltascheme: 10
Hobbies / Interests: A lifelong interest in genealogy and research. Creatively I enjoy stone carving and calligraphy.
LinkedIn : Simon


Name: Stuart Robertson
Job Title / Role at Deltascheme: Business Transformation, Sales Consultant
Experience: More than 35 years in the IT industry during which I have guided customer insight to support and inform the complex technology decisions which have transformed IT use across many industry and government sectors.
Years at Deltascheme: 1
Hobbies / Interests: Sailing, Skiing, Golf, Classic Cars
Linkedin : Stuart