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  • Building Better Workflows

    Lessons learned designing, developing, deploying and delivering business process automation solutions

  • 5 reasons your citizen developers could build your next business application on Microsoft's Power Platform

    So  what types of business applications are best suited to being delivered by citizen developers?

  • How is Microsoft’s Power Platform empowering transformation in their customers businesses?

    Microsoft is ushering in a new age of “citizen development” to empower businesses to tackle the huge backlog of business applications that are waiting to be taken from idea to application. Here are the three main ways the Power Platform is empowering customers to transform.

  • Automating Business Processes

    To successfully compete in this increasingly digital world, enterprises need to transform their existing and often inefficient manual operations...

  • Auto-classification is much more than a security tool

    Uptake of auto-classification software has been largely driven by the need to meet GDPR legislation but does this type of tool also provide business advantage?

  • Using Nintex to update old InfoPath forms and achieve process improvement

    Now that Infopath is out of support and obsolete we have clients asking for the most suitable alternative...

  • 5 top tips to help you select the right IT supplier

    Finding a IT partner to help you implement cloud migration projects can be very challenging and time consuming. Here are 5 simple tips to help you about common mistakes.

  • 5 Top tips for building Apps in Office 365

    The main message is there isn’t a “one size fits all”, and there are lots of approaches, all of which are valid and highly cost-effective, in the right situation. This blog post explores a few of these approaches by looking at the technology building blocks an App typically needs - i.e. a user interface, data storage, business logic, and possibly process implementation. DevOps is also

  • Migration - 3 Smart Ideas

    1. Only migrate the active and useful documents- Well, that’s easily said but hard to achieve in practice. Chances are the users won’t really know their content and secondly, there is a natural reluctance to delete anything. The smart way to deal with this dilemma is to promise the users you won’t delete anything by moving all the content they “probably” don’t need to an archive area. Access

  • Five steps to an effective migration strategy

    Migrating content to the cloud has many financial, operational and reputational benefits, but the costs are often underestimated. Over the years, we have seen many organisations turn to us for help when their migration has not worked as well as they would have hoped.

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