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Why Nintex Workflow Cloud?

by Becky Driscoll : Innovate

Why Nintex Workflow Cloud?

For many customers looking to automate and simplify complex business processes, Nintex Workflow products provide the answer to their questions. Nintex for Office 365 provides an intuitive BPM tool that is quick to adopt and fits seamlessly into existing SharePoint practices and, with integration to a suitable search engine, will prove invaluable once the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) comes into effect, May 2018.

Below are 4 key reasons why Nintex is an essential for your organisation:

1. Easy to use:

One of the biggest struggles business leaders face is investing in a tool that will be adopted easily and quickly by employees. Nintex Workflow sees a 70% faster learning curve than most workflow products meaning that time pressed organisations are able to quickly see the benefits of automating their workflows. The drag and drop functionality, clear layout and ease of use of the tool means that any intermediate level of employee will be able to use it.

Moreover, the Nintex Workflow mobile app maintains the accessibility of the web based layout, allowing employees to use Nintex Workflow with ease, on the go.

2. Assists with GDPR compliance:

The GDPR's "right to be forgotten" clause - entitles any data subject to request their personal identifiable information (PII) held by an organisation, and have their data removed from the system. For many organisation's this information will be stored across multiple systems - leading to manual searching and countless hours of work.

To save time and resources, Nintex Workflow is able to assist in automating the processes around collecting, organising, and erasing PII information. Through connecting to integrated programmes, Nintex Workflow instructs these platforms to search for all relevant information on the data subject. This can then be compiled into a simple document, using Document Generation, for the customer, outlining their information and why its retained on the system.

3. Integrates with other platforms that employees use every day:

Nintex Workflow allows you to connect to multiple services such as Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint, and Yammer. This allows users to incorporate information or respond to events from these systems easily within their workflows. Nintex Workflow adds value to existing SharePoint practice - through providing the capability of users to visualise a business process directly in SharePoint.

4. Provides analytics, with Nintex Hawkeye:

Using Nintex Hawkeye and the Power BI dashboard, your entire business can gain the visibility to measure the effectiveness of processes automated with Nintex Workflow. Users are able to see data analytics, clearly through the BI dashboard layout and the "ask graph" functionality further uses the latest in AI technology to explain an increase and decrease in analytics, allowing users to strategically adapt according to findings. Viewing the BI dashboard in Nintex Hawkeye, also allows you to keep track of all of the workflows your organisation has.

Looking to the future:

More than just managing workflows and presenting analytics, Process Intelligence has moved Nintex Hawkeye beyond automation to optimisation. Nintex technology optimises processes, constantly measuring activity to improve it - taking you a step beyond other BPM tools.

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