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Sharepoint EDRMS and integrated line of business solutions.

Canal and River Trust

The Canal & River Trust is a Charity that cares for the 2,200 mile network of canals and rivers in England and Wales. Its purpose is to protect the historic waterways in its care, secure and earn the necessary funding, and optimise public benefit. The Canal & River Trust is the third largest estate of listed structures in the country, totalling 2,600. This is in addition to the 350 miles of conservation areas along waterways and more than 90 reservoirs.

The Problem

An office move in 2007 triggered the need to move away from paper which had all the normal problems associated with hard copy, especially in an organisation with multiple sites needing access to the same information and now also needing to reduce its office costs.

The Solution

Deltascheme implemented a SharePoint and Kofax scanning solution using Fujitsu scanners capable of processing over 8000 documents a day. The first stage was to deal with the 640,000 images held in 50 or so large filing cabinets in the head office. The resulting OCR’ed PDF images required just 250GB of storage. From here the scanning capability was rolled out to 11 other sites and there are now well over 2.2 million

The solution didn’t stop with scanning however, as content from email and network file shares (including images) also needed to be loaded into SharePoint, as well as information from the ERP system (SAP). To support this activity we provided a number of SharePoint enhancements including an integration with SAP, an integration with Outlook (Swift Outlook Email Manger), and a multi-file upload tool run from a SharePoint document library which allows a common set of metadata to be applied to all the uploaded files.images on the system.


  • Management decision-making greatly improved by reliable access to information.
  • Improved search efficiency and accuracy from what is now a shared document repository.
  • Significant savings on storage costs, i.e. office space and retrieval costs from off-site stores.