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NHSE - Establishment Control Solution

Company name: NHS England 
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Leeds
Size: 8,000 

"The working relationship has been brilliant. Deltascheme has been very flexible and supportive in helping us to meet very tight project deadlines" 

Sally Wilford, Workforce Systems Development Manager

Key Benefits

  1. Visibility is significantly better.
  2. The quality of requests is greatly improved due to field validation and a permissions model.
  3. Endorsements are more efficient due to automated workflow.
  4. Approvals for organisation change is much faster.
  5. There is now a single centralised storage of application data.

The Challenge

NHS England employs thousands of people, and as they are hired, change roles, promoted, or leave the organisation, it’s important that all their associated records are keep up to date. Yet the mainframe-based system for achieving authorisation for changes in the workforce (known as the Establishment) was unfriendly, time-consuming, and unreliable.

Anyone wanting to create a new position, change a grade, extend a contract, or make any other change had to fill in an Excel spreadsheet. With no validation on the spreadsheet, fields were often missed, which meant the request would have to be returned for completion. There was no automated process for routing the request to the appropriate people to authorise and approve the requests. As a result, submissions were being delayed and sometimes lost entirely.

The Approach

Deltascheme was involved in the project from end-to-end, beginning with engaging with multiple stakeholders to create an agreed design. This design was built and submitted for testing and feedback. Minor amendments and enhancements completed the project.

“By extending the SharePoint interface with JavaScript, and jQuery UI, we were able to build a rich, dynamic, performant form solution supporting complex business rules, the likes of which would have been impossible with a low or no-code platform. Integrating the form with Nintex Workflow served as a wonderful example of combining the platform, the technology, and the vision of the client.”

Jonathan Beckett, Deltascheme Technical Consultant

The Solution

After looking at several workflow solutions and assessing costs and benefits, the organisation chose Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365) with the Nintex add-in for workflow automation and Deltascheme as the implementation partner.

Deltascheme was involved in the project from end-to-end, beginning with engaging with multiple stakeholders to create an agreed design. The completed development included:

  • SharePoint lists to hold a digital representation of the Establishment. These are refreshed daily from the mainframe via an interface programme.
  • Bespoke electronic form to present a view of the Establishment and allow changes to be modelled.
  • Nintex workflows that dynamically seek permission based upon the proposed changes and business rules.
  • SharePoint portal view of the system allowing a user to save and submit various requests for change and then be able to see their progress as they move through the authorisation.

The online form incorporates intelligence to implement the financial modelling and generate the instructions for the workflow. The solution uses various SharePoint lists to hold configuration data as well as loading external data into the user’s PC’s browser memory to deliver a highly responsive user experience.

The Result

As can be seen from the benefits above, significant improvement has been made to the efficiency with which NHS England now manage their establishment. Around 350 requests are made a month, which would have been impossible without the use of intelligent form design, and automated business processes.