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SharePoint EDRMS, case management and auto-classification of sensitive content

Organisation: Places for People (PfP)
Industry: Multiple Verticals
Location: UK

Deltascheme has proven entirely consistent in the approach, capability, conscientiousness and productivity of its respective technical specialists and professional services consultants. They have delivered a comprehensive solution set on budget and according to the original specification and proposal. Deltascheme has become a key strategic technology partner to the Group.

Project Manager, Places for People


PFP had a need to replace an ageing EDRMS system containing approximately 9 million documents and over 3.5tb of data. The aim was to create a flexible system to enable workflow and application integration that provided a secure collaboration in order to collate and manage content; within both internal and intra-organisational team and projects.

Key Benefits

  1. Huge improvement in content searching
  2. Vital Northgate integration for Housing Management Files
  3. Enforcement of governance standards
  4. Support costs and risk significantly reduced
  5. 3.4 million redundant documents removed

The Challenge 

The EDRMS system was no longer viable for PFP. The poor-quality metadata was compounded by information policies that had not been enforced by the system. This had led to an inflexible system with inaccessible data that, as a result, suffered from poor adoption. The system also integrated with Northgate housing holding a further 4 million records. The system did not allow for workflows and did not effectively allow collaboration or manage content. Migrating that content from the existing EDRM system was not going to be straightforward, because there was no bulk export function available, and all the file properties and metadata are stripped out and held in an Oracle database. To the Places for People IT department, the system was effectively impenetrable, and there was no means to access support from the vendor.

The Approach

Deltascheme spoke to PFP, looking at a list of key headlines for what would be needed for a successful outcome. Looking at user experience and how that was measured, necessary functions that mirrored current skill sets as well as how adaptive, agile and futureproofed the solution could be. Deltascheme also looked at other complimentary technologies outside the requested Microsoft stack, which could be utilised to simplify the solution and give greater access and control for the PFP in house IT Department.

“Migrations always throw up a few unexpected situations and the Objective migration was no exception. In this case we had to build a bespoke extraction tool specifically for Objective by reverse engineering the database schema since there was no API.” Chris Harvey, Deltascheme Technical consultant.

The Solution

The services to implement SharePoint as an ECM Platform consisted of several connected workstreams. An information architecture and governance stream established the SharePoint structure and metadata standards with housing management records stored in SharePoint. This allowed a single solution within SharePoint that accommodated over 200,000 document sets and over 2.5 million documents. Housing management files were also made directly accessible from the Northgate housing system, via the development of an integration link between SharePoint and Northgate. For the migration Deltascheme built a custom migration tool and supported a data cleansing exercise around retention and disposition rules.

For end-users, a major frustration with the existing EDRM system was the lack of features to support collaboration. Deltascheme addressed this allowing PFP to operate a series of project registers across SharePoint, each concerning different business operating functions.

The introduction of Extradium allows the solution to enable and encourage collaboration, in a safe, controlled, and structured environment, with an effective governance and administrative framework.

The Result

By implementing SharePoint and Nintex as a corporate platform, PFP has delivered against key objectives and built an agile system that allows PFP to introduce even more features and solutions. Costs have been reduced, collaboration has been increased, adoption is up and all of it within a strongly governed system that adheres to company policies. Most importantly it provides the platform for development of significant line of business solutions.