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Automation of business processes

Organisation: European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)
Industry: Insurance / Finance
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Size: 160 staff


Design and development of a broad suite of electronic forms and automated business processing capabilities – from commitments, procurements, and invoicing, through to reimbursements, payments, and many more important processes used by staff throughout the organisation.

Key Benefits

  1. Automation of over 50 business processes throughout the organisation
  2. Delivery of the right information, to the right people, at the right time
  3. Fully auditable processes recording who did what, and when
  4. Remote working made possible by electronic forms
  5. Live KPIs of workload and processing throughput

The Challenge

Over time, the finance department at EIOPA had developed a wide variety of back-office business processes using a wide range of common Office applications– causing significant management, auditing, and training issues. Deltascheme were approached to both guide, design, and build a platform to transform working practices - using electronic forms and automated business processes to improve productivity, to lower training requirements, to improve auditability, and to provide live management instrumentation on workload and throughput.

The Approach

Deltascheme ran demonstration workshops with EIOPA to validate technology choices early on, and then agreed on common working practices to guide an agile development process – allowing the enhancement and evolution of the many solutions involved during development.

“By combining Microsoft SharePoint, Nintex Workflow and Forms, and designing scripted deployment through PowerShell we have been able to deliver a rich and powerful group of solutions for the client in a short timescale, and to further enhance and adapt those solutions as further requirements evolve.” 

Jonathan Beckett, Technical Consultant, Deltascheme

The Solution

Deltascheme selected Microsoft SharePoint and Nintex Workflow and Forms as the basis for the variety of solutions required by EIOPA Finance staff. After running training workshops to familiarise staff throughout the organisation with both the SharePoint and Nintex products, we incrementally worked through each solution – running requirements gathering workshops, before rapidly building, packaging, and deploying to verify and validate functionality. In many cases forms and business processes evolved through an iterative process – with each new package delivering both new and improved functionality across the business. Scripted package installation through Powershell has ensured the route from development, to testing, through pre-production, to production infrastructure has been straightforward and fast.

The Result

The EIOPA Finance staff are now supported by a rich business process management solution, incorporating electronic forms, and delivery of tasks and notifications through a common platform throughout the organisation. Key staff in each department have been instrumental in the design of each aspect of the system – supporting their needs, improving their productivity, and providing extensive information for managers to make informed decisions going forwards.

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