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The benefits of connecting Google Analytics to your SharePoint intranet

by Mike Turnbull : Improve

With staff working from home your intranet is a vital tool keeping your staff engaged and aligned with corporate strategy. Many organisations realise the importance of internal communications but struggle to measure how effective their strategy is in engaging with their workforce. Without strong, quality data it is almost impossible to work out what is working, what is failing and how best to communicate with your workforce.

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So how do you measure staff engagement with your SharePoint intranet

SharePoint on it's own only gives you a limited set of data about site usage. By connecting Google Analytics you get more granular detail on how your staff are interacting with your intranet: page views, file views, outbound clicks, downloads, search queries and more. With all this data neatly presented in graphs and visuals you can easily spot trends by looking at month-on-month reports.

Discover the types of intranet content that staff find useful and interesting

Writing engaging content may take a bit of guesswork. By measuring how well staff engage with pieces of content you can take that guesswork out of the equation and learn what staff really find useful and interesting. With Google Analytics you can track different types of content: pages, files (.pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx), and videos.

Make more informed decisions about what to post and how to manage campaigns

Measuring a campaign's performance against a previous campaign helps you learn what makes for an engaging campaign. It means you can adopt a 'test and learn' approach to delivering campaigns. Google Analytics allows you to group your campaign content together so you can easily compare each campaigns performance against previous campaigns. Google Analytics also allows you to measure campaign performance using several metrics: page views, file views, engagement time, search queries etc. This data gives you a bigger picture of a campaigns impact on the staff.

Freedom to make changes yourself

One of the biggest gripes for organisations is being engineered in to need outside help, or reliant on an out the box costly SaaS solution that doesn’t quite fit your organisations need. We do a full handover to your IT team (perhaps the Applications team) so they can provide inhouse support on an ongoing basis. Additionally we have a helpdesk that you can call upon for any support.

One-off cost (GA and GTM are free)

There are no annual subscription fees, or hidden costs. It's simply a one-off cost of £7,000 for the services to configure the software and deliver the handover and training. You benefit from Google's free technology: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and most importantly you benefit from continuous data on your campaigns, tailored to you organisations needs.

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