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The importance of Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in today's business

by Becky Driscoll : Move

The importance of Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in today's business

Today's business world operates on the basis of instant information access. From replying to your emails to checking your bank balance with a click of a button, we expect to be able to find the information we want, without any interference. In order to keep up with the digital age, businesses need to manage their content in a way that satisfies both consumer and employee appetite for instant access- through using an intuitive ECM system.

This is why businesses are turning to cloud based ECM systems such as Office 365. They provide 3 key benefits to on-site systems:

1. Boost productivity and reduce time to market

2. Increased reliability and security

3. Lower cost of deployment.

Improving your ECM is one of the quickest ways to boost your productivity.

The Cloud provides a platform that is always accessible, allowing employees to easily download information regardless of whether they are in the office, on a business trip overseas, or working from home. Moreover, you can connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. This constant means of communication pushes projects along and reduces your time to market.

Cloud providers such as Office 365 provide a reliable and secure platform to access information.

With GDPR fast approaching, poor document management will lead to hefty fines, a lack of customer loyalty and a poor organisational reputation. Office 365, provide the robust policies, controls and systems to help keep business information safe. Businesses can further control who has access to certain information, as Office 365 gives you full management over privacy and visibility of data.

Low cost to deploy and easy to scale.

Office 365 is a secure multi-tenant service, meaning multiple customers can securely share hardware resources. This allows for lower operating costs - a huge benefit to businesses. Cloud based ECM systems can also be deployed quickly and scaled to suit your business needs- whether you are a start-up or a multi-national organisation.

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