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How can I manage my information in line with GDPR requirements?

by Becky Driscoll : Innovate

How can I manage my information in line with GDPR requirements?

Compliance with the GDPR will be an ongoing process that will require companies to build in a protection process into their organisation. It is not a case of simply identifying and protecting your data but also managing personal identifiable information (PII) at every stage of its life-cycle to ensure that the data subject's rights are always upheld.

To manage the documents in your business you are going to need an ECM System and a BPM Tool. For best of breed products (that are both highly functional and low risk) businesses are looking to Microsoft SharePoint and Nintex forms / workflow products to protect and manage these documents across the organisation.

Why Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint both on premise and in the cloud (Office 365) provides an excellent ECM solution. GDPR requires organisations to identify and manage documents containing PII. SharePoint allows organisations to comply with the GDPR through classifying PII documents as sensitive and maintaining a version history and recording any changes made to the data.

SharePoint also provides an ideal platform to implement case management solutions for handling data subject requests. Integration via workflow can be used to capture consent with this being held in SharePoint lists or integrated into CRM systems. Microsoft have provided a framework solution to help companies get started called the GDPR activity hub which is designed to keep you and your employees up-to-date on tasks relating to GDPR.

Why Nintex?

As GDPR is an on-going process that organisations need to grapple with, a BPM tool will inevitably ease the headache. Nintex workflow provides a suite of BPM products that allows the automation of processes including web forms, workflow, mobile forms and connectors to third party products.

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PII comes in all shapes and forms but it must all be processed in line with GDPR requirements. Data held in unstructured documents, is no exception. So make sure you secure your data today, find out more about the Deltascheme GDPR approach