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Why is Office 365 Tenancy "Lock-down" an important first step?

by Becky Driscoll : Improve

Why is Office 365 Tenancy

Office 365 is like a Pandora's box - if opened without any governance standards, your organisation will quickly lose control of how information is being used. Microsoft has made it simple for users to easily create Office 365 environments to collaborate and share content. However, this creates challenges for organisations looking to improve search experiences, whilst applying security and compliance controls – such as retention schedules and data loss prevention policies. At Deltascheme we will help you lock down your Office 365 tenancy so that you can get the most out of Office 365.

If you are in the process of deploying Office 365 it is important that you plan exactly what steps you want to take, when to perform them, and who will perform them. As an immediate first step, Deltascheme recommend you "lock down" the Office 365 tenancy. This involves applying several key configurations, including:

- Setting up Azure Active Directory (AD) for your organisation's domain(s).

- Applying storage quotas to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sites.

- Applying global Export and Sharing settings, such as restricting external sharing.

- Applying Conditional Access policies, such as allowing identified external domains to be shared with.

- Restricting who can create Office 365 Groups and App Workspaces.

- Controlling what software is available to users based on license restrictions.

If you choose not to apply these "lock-down" provisions you risk losing control of your Office 365 environment whilst missing opportunities to exploit the use of the technology. By default, all users can create Office 365 Groups - this can be achieved directly in Outlook, or as a by-product of creating a Microsoft Team, or creating a Plan in Planner, or creating a Yammer group connection. This means that many **Office 365** Groups may start to appear on your tenancy very quickly -with no clear governance, ownership, or control. You may end up seeing a series of similar looking Office 365 Group names and associated connections, making it difficult to understand what they are or whether they are needed.

For more information about how you can "lock-down" your Office 365 Tenancy and start to establish an Office 365 Governance Framework please contact Deltascheme.