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Integrated SharePoint EDRMS and Dynamics Case Management Solution

by Stuart Robertson : Improve : Government Agency

Health & Care Professions Council

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is a regulator that was set up to protect the public. It does this by setting standards for training, professional skills and behaviour, approving education and training programmes and keeping a register of professionals who meet its standards. It also takes action when professionals on its Register do not meet the standards or if someone pretends to be registered when they are not. It currently regulates over 300,000 individuals that practice across many professions including chiropodists, clinical scientists, dietitians, occupational therapists, paramedics, radiographers and social workers in England.

The Problem

HCPC required a document and records management system to interface with the its new case management system which handles complaints raised about individuals on the HCPC Register. These complaints could be due to a range of issues, for example failure to provide adequate patient care, criminal conviction, police conviction or inappropriate behaviour towards a colleague or service user.

After a procurement process, Deltascheme were selected to design, build and deploy a corporate SharePoint Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS) to support the implementation of the new case management system (which was supplied by a 3rd party vendor).

The Solution

A 3rd party case management solution is used as the front-end application to enable the users to undertake all case related activities such as complaint logging, task management and general correspondence. SharePoint provides a robust and secure repository for the storage of all the related documents against the corporate information architecture. Case documents can be added to SharePoint in a number of ways, including:

  • Uploading files directly to SharePoint
  • Creating documents through the case management system
  • Scanning paper documents

When creating new content, such as Word documents or scanned records, the integrated solution allows the users to semi-automatically apply the required metadata for each document through the system. Users may also upload documents directly into SharePoint against a case but the overall solution will still enforce the application of the necessary metadata. If a user wants to retrieve a document they can do so from within the case management system, without the need to go to SharePoint, or, if they want to run more complex searches, they can do so directly in SharePoint against the metadata applied to the documents or against the actual textual content of the documents.

Since 2013 the majority of the SharePoint work undertaken by Deltascheme has been associated with supporting the provision of document & records management functionality for a number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects.

Integrated Document Scanning
To process physical records, Deltascheme also implemented an integrated scanning solution, using Kofax Capture, to allow paper documents to be efficiently digitised, indexed, converted into text searchable PDFs and then stored in SharePoint.

Business Intelligence Reporting Tools
HCPC also enlisted the help of Deltascheme to design, build and deploy a set of reports within Microsoft SharePoint Server utilising Microsoft Business Information Products (Excel, PowerPivot, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server analysis Services). These reports are designed to highlight progress and deficiencies with the complaints case management procedure. In all, over ninety reports are available.


Using a 3rd party case management tool with the SharePoint document & records management system, the HCPC are able to efficiently manage the logging, processing and tracking of all the complaints they receive. The documentation and supporting literature required to support each case is now centrally located and managed within a SharePoint repository against the corporate information architecture.

This allows for more informed decision making and better control over each case. Supporting this solution is a SharePoint Business Intelligence solution that allows the HCPC to monitor and measure the performance of the complaints management process based on a wide variety of KPI’s and metrics.

The HCPC now plan to roll the use of SharePoint out to other parts of the organisation to support document and records management.

“We chose Deltascheme because of their proven track record and industry reputation. From the outset, we found their staff to be very professional and experienced. They worked in partnership with us and were always flexible when changes needed to be made to the project plan. They came to us with the expertise required to successfully deliver our SharePoint Document & Records Management System and delivered what they said they would when they said they would.”