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Sharepoint migration from OpenText with HR document scanning and bespoke migration tool

Organisation: BUPA
Industry: Healthcare
Location: London
Size: 83,000

"Working with Deltascheme was a huge success, which can be measured by the thanks and appreciation of the Business sponsor and IT executive team at Bupa. Deltascheme were helpful, professional and their technical expert knowledge of the solution always apparent. We are very happy with their work and continued support."

Clare Dixon, Project Manager (GTIS)


The Bupa Group HR & Payroll Document Management infrastructure was built on OpenText Livelink. This technology in the current version went out of support and so Bupa undertook a review of the market leading Document & Records Management products and selected Microsoft SharePoint to be their new platform for HR and Payroll.

Key Benefits

  1. SharePoint is a far more cost-effective platform for managing documents.
  2. File retrieval and management is much faster and more accurate due to OCR’ed documents and SharePoint search configuration.
  3. Considerable savings in maintenance and support costs.
  4. Simplified HR file structure.
  5. Implementation of retention and disposition policies.

The Approach

Deltascheme worked with Bupa to audit and review the content to be migrated and to establish an effective migration plan which included the development of a bespoke migration tool to export content from import to SharePoint.

“Migration from a system that has been populated by a predefined system process is more straight forward than migrating from a system that has been manually populated by humans. This is because automated processes are predictable, and humans are not! “. Andrew Hawkins, Deltascheme Technical Consultant.

The Solution

A bespoke tool from Deltascheme facilitated the creation and on-going management of multiple sites (one per user - over 150,000) in a consistent and timely way. These sites were configured and installed before the Kofax scanning solution was upgraded and re-configured. A range of document Content Types were configured to support the HR function including: Leaver and Starter forms, Personal Details Change form, Grievance & Disciplinary form, Recruitment forms and Maternity form.

The system works in conjunction with the existing Bupa Group HR and Payroll systems, PeopleSoft and ResourceLink.

The Result

The system was successfully migrated to SharePoint. Note. In 2021 this system is planned to be upgraded to SharePoint Online.