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Digital Mailroom

Brent Council

In the spring of 2012 the Brent Council instigated a range of projects under their ‘One Council’ initiative to drive down operating costs, improve productivity and increase standards of service. A central part of the initiative was to consolidate a number of the Council’s offices into one new Civic Centre where a ‘paper-light’ approach is being adopted in order to minimise the amount of paper that is handled, distributed and stored.

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The Problem

As part of a major initiative, Brent Council required the delivery of a corporate digital mailroom which would be responsible, where possible, for the capture, digitisation, distribution and processing of all incoming paper documentation. The Council uses Microsoft SharePoint as its main document management system, and with this in mind, the Council’s preferred approach was to use SharePoint as the environment through which the documents would be delivered to each of the functional areas of the organisation.

The Solution

The solution implemented is based on two key components; Kofax Capture and Microsoft SharePoint.

Kofax provides a robust, efficient and cost effective solution to enable the mailroom staff to quickly scan the documents. Once scanned, the documents are viewed and indexed with just the location in the Council they should be sent to. The documents are then converted to PDF and automatically sent to that relevant location represented in SharePoint as a document library for further processing.

Administrative staff in each location are then able to open the documents and, using a product called Swift Property Editor, are then able to view, fully index and process each document. If a document has been sent to the wrong location a member of staff can quickly change who should be processing it and the system will then move it to the correct document library in SharePoint.


The adoption of the corporate digital mailroom has helped the Council to realise a range of benefits including:

  • Consolidation of eight mailrooms into a new central mailroom
  • Reduction in the need for physical storage of paper
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Increases in standards of service as work is processed more quickly
  • Enabling changes in working practices (e.g. remote working, etc.)
  • Provision of better oversight, governance and compliance.

“Brent Council are moving to a brand new purpose built Civic Centre building in 2013 and, as part of the move, are implementing a Digital Post Room.

The council receives a wide variety of post across many diverse business areas and the efficient delivery of this post is vital to its continuing success. To support the digital transformation process the Council has introduced a ‘paper light’ objective requiring that in-bound post is scanned and delivered electronically.

To achieve their aim the Council have engaged with Box-it, Kofax and Deltascheme.
Kofax have been selected as the choice for digitisation, with delivery of electronic mail to the council’s 2,500+ employees being made via SharePoint.

It has been a pleasure working with Box-it and Deltascheme who have worked tirelessly with us, often against very tight timescales, to deliver an effective solution against our business requirements.”

Tim Ring
Project Manager, Brent Council