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Custom applications in the cloud - Microsoft’s gamechanger

In a pivotal and historic change of stance, Microsoft has embraced open source technology and in a big way. A few years ago Microsoft recognised the advantage of using selected tools from the matured open source technology pool to build Office 365. They then bundled these open source tools together to form the ‘SharePoint Framework’ (‘SPFx’). This now offers their customers a similar opportunity of leveraging open source tooling to extend Office 365 and build custom business applications.

SPFx presents a massive opportunity for IT departments, tasked with delivering custom business applications. Microsoft has effectively activated Office 365 as a development platform for open source technologies. By doing so, they have made development on Office 365 available to the world’s largest group of developers – the open source community. These developers are now able to design and deploy the front-end of their business applications onto Office 365.

SPFx presents organisations three significant advantages. Firstly, you can speed up development time by using open source tooling. Secondly, you can incorporate DevOps best practices into their development lifecycle. Thirdly, your custom business applications can easily leverage the existing Microsoft infrastructure. Now you don’t have to reinvent essentials like authentication, web hosting, document storage, and messaging, yet can still enjoy the freedom and power of bespoke code. These advantages equip you more than ever to deliver enterprise-level custom business applications to your end users.

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