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GDPR in the Private Sector:
Preparing business for data regulation

24th January 2018 – Salford University

Despite the vote to leave the European Union, the Government has confirmed that the General Data Protection Regulation will be enshrined in UK law from May 2018. This means that British businesses now have less than a year to prepare for the biggest shake-up in data protection legislation in decades, or risk incurring severe fines. As the UK’s digital economy grows, more and more companies are dependent on their ability to gather, transfer and analyse large amounts of data. With requirements covering everything from customer opt-ins and transparency to the compulsory appointment of a data protection officer, GDPR will have a disruptive impact on the way businesses operate.

Join us for the GDPR in the Private Sector Conference where expert speakers will explain how businesses of all sizes can ensure they are prepared for the changes in legislation. Understand how GDPR will affect everything from digital marketing to customer loyalty schemes, learn how to protect your company from the threat of data breaches and make sure your IT systems meet the latest regulations.

Topics covered on the day will include:

  • What impact will GDPR have on your organisation?
  • How will GDPR affect database management and data security requirements?
  • How will the role of information officers evolve after the introduction of GDPR?
  • How can organisations build their opt-in data?
  • Which organisations have successfully drafted a GDPR project plan and what can be learned from these examples?
  • What new technology and data management tools are available to manage the transition to GDPR?

Why attend?

  • Network with delegates and discuss different approaches to data collection and storage.
  • Hear from leading experts in GDPR and benefit from the latest insights.
  • Analyse case studies and learn how leading organisations are preparing for GDPR.
  • Understand your obligations and responsibilities under GDPR.
  • Make sure your organisation is ready for GDPR by understanding how to draft a compliance programme and do more to protect the public’s sensitive information.

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