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Supporting your GDPR Compliance programme

When it comes to GDPR, the question every organisation is asking is: How can I implement a proficient compliance programme?

Whilst early considerations on GDPR compliance may have revolved around the data held within various CRM and finance systems, this is unlikely to be the biggest corpus of personal data. In fact, many of the risks will be around the data held in unstructured documents such as contracts, letters, and spreadsheets – this is where we can help you.

At Deltascheme we have, for over 20 years, specialised in helping organisations deploy two of the most fundamental technologies needed to address the GDPR requirements: an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) and a Business Process Management system (BPM).

These technologies enable organisations to store their content in a controlled environment and automate processes around the content and data subject requests, in line with GDPR. We develop solutions employing best-of-breed software products, and have the expertise to help our clients deploy these technologies to support their GDPR compliance programme.

Find out how Deltascheme can help your organisation today.

GDPR schematic