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Get the best out of Office 365

The Challenge

Did you think the grass would be greener on the other side (of a migration) and it isn’t?

Perhaps you’ve delayed taking advantage of the new Office 365 features.

Maybe your users are overwhelmed by the choice of new features, so they become less productive.

Perhaps you are concerned that sensitive documents are disclosed to external parties, especially if using Office 365 as it is enabled for sharing by default?

Even if you just feel best practice isn’t being followed, there’s a good chance we can help you improve how you use the Microsoft technology stack. The starting point can be simply reviewing the use of the tools – or more frequently, the failure to use the right tools.

Common Issues

We often see the following:

  • Confusion over what goes where and not knowing what is the ‘master’ copy.
  • Time wasted setting up complex filing structures and permissions that quickly fall into disrepair.
  • Non-compliance - users forced to apply rules and tags that they feel add no value, so they do not comply.
  • Lost or deleted key documents that cannot be recovered.
  • Inappropriate use of Office products – Outlook as a file store, Excel as a project planner etc.

Benefits of Technology Optimisation

Getting the most from your technology has many benefits:

Efficiency - The ability to classify content and use this to automatically determine how the document is governed (who can see it, when it should be deleted, how long it should be kept for) provides time and cost savings for your organisation. The ultimate state is when the system automatically classifies your content by reading it and classifying it.

Security & Compliance – Your improved security also enhances compliance requirements such as GDPR.

New ways of working - Low-code solutions allow business processes to be automated. Effective use of your new technology will enable your organisation to be more responsive and agile.

So why Deltascheme?

Proven ECM expertise - While the rest of the world was building impressive looking intranets, we focused on delivering robust electronic content management systems. The acronyms may have changed (EDRMS, DocMan, RecMan, ECM, EIM etc.) but the essence of good information governance has stayed the same.

Office 365 Understanding - we have specialised in Microsoft technologies since 2007 for a wide range of clients, from major government agencies to the private sector.

Pragmatic and Relational approach – Deltascheme choose a fully collaborative approach.

We will work closely with you to ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and to meet your specific business requirements.

Many of our clients tell us that they regard Deltascheme as an ‘extension of our own IT department’. Key to our long-term success is the build-up of trust with our long-established team of experts. Continuity builds trust and trust improves efficiency.

Clients also value our willingness to share expertise to help you build your own in-house expertise.

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