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Transform Case Management in Office 365  

Accelerate your move to the Cloud

Design and implement a core business system your colleagues can proudly rely on. A custom case management system in Office 365 will help you automate and better manage your unique line-of-business processes and delight your staff with a streamlined, modern way of working.

Reduce the time and complexity of intricate migrations from your legacy document management system to Office 365. Speed up with a proven migration methodology and PowerShell scripts to automate ShareGate migration jobs.

  1. Get it right first time: Engage in a collaborative & holistic design methodology.
  2. Stay in budget: Enjoy a simple fixed price for the implementation.
  3. Easy to support: Default to out-the-box functionality and low-code tools to minimise custom code.
  4. Reliable: Safe pairs of hands with decades of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the expansive Microsoft tech stack.
  5. Assure end-users: Iterate through the design process, rapidly standing-up prototypes and delivering demos.
  6. Continuously improve: Responsive & flexible helpdesk to support and deploy system improvements (billed by the hour).
  7. Keep it simple: All your documents and data in one place - Microsoft Office 365.
  1. Kickstart modern collaboration: Migrate into a well-designed information architecture to simplify adoption of Microsoft Teams for document collaboration.
  2. Enhance data security: Automatically apply security & retention labels to your documents by enriching document metadata with AI-enabled suggestions.
  3. Simpler migration: Only migrate what you really need by identifying and excluding the redundant, obsolete, and trivial documents.
  4. Accurately permissioned documents: Simplify the mapping of complex document permissions by following a methodical process.

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The Competition & Markets Authority moved several hundred staff to Microsoft 365. Together we migrated content and legacy business systems and decommissioned their on-premises infrastructure within 18 months.

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