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Transform Process Management

"The Organisational Change and Impact Tracker application (OCIT) has revolutionised the way NHSE/I leads and reports on organisational change. Replacing error-prone spreadsheets, OCIT provides structure and insight to ensure that change is well-led and staff are fully engaged. The OCIT dashboard provides real-time status updates, keeping complex change programmes on track."

Antony Williamson, Head of HR & OD Workforce Insight, Analytics and Planning, NHS England & Improvement

  1. Engage staff: deliver a business application for your employees to easily interact with your processes through automated tasks, notifications, user interfaces, and dashboards.
  2. Quickly adapt your processes: quickly implement changes to your processes with simple configuration.
  3. De-centralise: enable local ownership of organisational change whilst maintaining central governance & consistency of your processes.
  4. Real time insights: replace unwieldy spreadsheets with well-designed databases for a single source of truth, and an integration with ESR (electronic staff records) to easily build BI reports.
  5. Internal IT support: use technology already approved by IT (Microsoft Office 365 & Azure) to quickly build out custom applications to manage your processes.

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