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Microsoft 365 provides a wide range of capabilities to deliver modern, effective, and efficient ways of working. 

Deltascheme has a wealth of skills and experience in creating information architectures and designs to make best use of these capabilities to provide:

  • an effective digital workspace for users to create and share information, collaborate as a team, and communicate important information effectively with the rest of the organisation
  • filing structures aligned to the organisation’s services, teams, cases, and projects that accommodate the ongoing work and content migrated from legacy systems
  • effective search results to quickly find requisite content based on location, name, and metadata
  • an effective permissions model to protect information while enabling sharing internally and externally
  • retain and disposition content based on classification and policy.

The range of tools and options in Microsoft 365 can be quite daunting for users who may struggle to visualise and define their optimal workspace design as part of the overall information architecture. So, users can make informed decisions, we regularly create a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the key features of Microsoft 365 and good information architecture.