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The modern intranet built on SharePoint and Microsoft 365 is considerably more than a traditional publishing portal. 

The new experience SharePoint Online intranet connects people to business, it is collaborative, it surfaces key content dynamically, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft apps and tools, it is personalised, engaging and built to modern responsive and accessibility standards with the GUI controls we have all become accustomed to on the best of websites. When connected to team sites and Teams, a truly devolved model can be achieved, strategically pushing and pulling information across your environment, whilst remaining secure.

Deltascheme have been building intranets based on SharePoint since its inception, delivering solutions across a variety of business sectors. Intranets are now typically delivered using out-of-the-box functionality and a low-code/no-code approach, maintaining a fully supported and robust environment. The once popular, third-party ‘intranet in a box’ solutions are no longer required. As SharePoint has expanded and evolved, so has Deltascheme’s knowledge of it – gaining industry recognition and an unparalleled depth of experience along the way.

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