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Even Sir Isaac Newton was not too proud to say that his great achievements were in part attributed to “standing on the shoulders of Giants” and this metaphor is most apt in today’s world of solution development. 

Many of the large software companies have adopted a common library for the user interface, REACT, and made API’s and libraries available to developers. This, together with the extensive capabilities that can be called upon in the cloud care of Azure functions and features greatly speed up the ability to deliver bespoke solutions.

All projects start with discovery – the process of taking a high-level statement of need and converting it into a set of unambiguous requirements that can become the heart of a high-level design. When we start a Discovery exercise it is rarely a standalone exercise but the first step in the journey to deliver a solution. From the start of our engagement, we have the end in sight and consequently we will ask relevant questions aligned to delivering a solution, we will push back on unrealistic requirements, and suggest better ways of working. Whiteboarding, mocking up user interface wireframes using tools such as Balsamiq or Adobe XD (includes controls for the Office UI fabric) bring the discovery phase to life.

At the build phase we have the great advantage of a highly skilled workforce that has already built complex applications for both the NHS and central government in the UK. This work has led to the development of our own libraries that super-charge the rate at which can deliver a solution.

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