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Bespoke Solutions

Innovation brings the requirements to life. Not surprisingly, every innovation is different, it wouldn’t be innovative if it wasn’t. The other inevitable fact of building any complex solution in IT is that new understanding, fresh ideas and opportunity to improve will materialise.

How well this is absorbed by the project will depend upon the engineering foundation, the project methodology and the commercial basis established at the start. The foundations, or technology, we tend to favour comes from Microsoft. For example, for a cloud based solution we will often use a custom web part in a clients Office 365 instance as a portal into the application where the business logic and storage live in Azure. SQL, document databases, integrations to other systems, workflow tools, Power BI etc are all part of our toolbox. When it comes to project methodologies there isn’t a standard approach that fits all scenarios but there are aspects of both agile and waterfall that are appropriate at different times and need to align with budgetary and time constraints as well as the desired outcome. Our flexibility and relational approach will work with you to design the project methodology that works for you.

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