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Innovative Office 365 Case Management Solutions

Your Goal

Your business wants to transform and exploit the latest cutting-edge technologies.

You are already committed to Microsoft solution because their development products allow:

  • Modern user interfaces that are clean, elegant and mobile friendly.
  • Highly scalable databases that can sit within the cloud to store application data.
  • Advanced capabilities (e.g. via calling Azure functions) as varied as IoT, RPA, AI and various cognitive services.

So how do you best use Microsoft technology to truly transform your organisation?

Who can you trust as and implementation partner to take you to the next level?


Typical mistakes we encounter: -

  • Selecting the right platform - Using the wrong software package as a basis for the solution. It’s the old 80 / 20 rule coming to life in a new guise. If the package is 80% there you can pretty much guarantee that delivering the last 20% will take an inordinate amount of time. So often you end up working against the package. Knowing the boundaries of what can be achieved with SharePoint / Nintex / Flow / PowerApps etc. avoids painful dead ends / costly overruns but can also deliver rapid solutions when used in the right context.
  • Project Initiation - A combination of loose requirements coupled with a desire for fixed price and assuming an agile development methodology is the answer. We understand and can help break the project into phases with each phase getting closer to identifying the full cost.
  • End-use engagement - Forgetting the final aspect of the project – ensuring your staff know how to use the new system! This is less likely with business-driven projects but IT driven projects can suffer from this if the users have not been involved from the outset and have strong buy in to the new system.

The Deltascheme Approach

Unlike many large consultancies, we have developed a culture and approach that listens to you and your unique requirements. Only by working closely with you can we build the trust necessary to deliver the best possible outcome within your budgetary constraints.

At its heart, our approach drives out ambiguity. We love clarity. We love developing innovative solutions to solve your problems.

This approach can apply to many scenarios but that said, Case Management in its broadest sense is a common theme. These types of solutions manage structured and unstructured data with associated business logic, dashboards, workflow processes and decision support features that may include drawing upon AI features from Azure, Concept Searching or Nintex.

Deltascheme credentials

With over 25 years specialist experience, we have exceptional depth of expertise. We also constantly keep pace with the latest and most innovative Microsoft technologies.

This expertise enables us to handle a range of solutions from a small electronic form and workflow too much larger solutions. Large-scale solutions often require complex user interfaces.

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