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Office 365 and SharePoint Migration

Your Challenge

The challenge of moving systems should not be underestimated, but neither should the opportunity, especially when moving to a cloud platform such as Office 365 / Azure. Many arrive at the decision to move based on security concerns around sensitive data and/or outdated technologies that are nearing end of life.

When it comes to migrating content, a file held in one place is pretty much the same as the file held in a different place and the process of moving that file is generally straightforward. That, however, is not normally the whole story and the full picture will often need to address how the file gets there, how the file is found, what processes does the file get involved with, and the security and governance put around it.

With the introduction of a new system, especially cloud based, there comes a raft of new capabilities that in turn open-up opportunities for improved ways of working and enhanced security and governance.


Cloud Migration projects are challenging. There is a great deal to consider.

  • What content to move / leave behind and where to put it?
  • What Metadata - should we consider auto-classification?
  • How to handle sensitive content (GDPR)?
  • Finding content after it has been migrated
  • Making sure your team is fully prepared.


Deltascheme have expertise in a range of different technologies. More importantly, we know which technologies will work best in different circumstance. 

  • Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint, OneDrive, teams)
  • Sharegate
  • Bespoke ETL tools (extraction from: Open Text Livelink, Objective, HP TRIM, Filenet, ProjectWise)
  • Integrations with Finance systems, Housing management systems, HR systems.

Why Deltascheme?

Migration is about your data and your processes and you need to feel your migration partner has your best interests at heart and is a good cultural fit.

We can do no better than use our customers own words who will tell you we are an “extension of their IT department…” and “a trusted partner”.

What our clients have experienced is an approach that collaborates rather than bullies and knowledge transfer that educates your team as the project progresses. This coupled with a longevity in the Deltascheme team provides consistency and leads to trust and efficiency.

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