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The Eildon Group started back in 1973 and provides housing, care and support services to people right across the Scottish Borders region. Today, the Group is recognised as one of Scotland’s leading housing and care providers and continues to grow by building new homes and developing innovative new services.


The challenge

Delivering Excellence – The Eildon Group is currently
on a journey to transform their systems and processes to
deliver excellence in all that they do for the people they
serve. This includes improving the standard and range of
services offered, especially on-line, and to enable smart
buildings to embrace emerging technologies such as the
Internet of Things (IoT).
Business Transformation – The Group recognised
that many of the back-office functions would need to
be re-organised and staff provided with new tools and
technologies to support new ways of working. One of the
first steps was to enable staff to work more flexibly by
using a range of devices, including PCs, mobile phones
and tablets, to access line-of-business systems and
corporate records in a secure, user friendly and cost-effective way.
Changing Culture – The Group knew that they would
need to work closely with their staff to ensure that they
were on board and engaged with the changes that the
new technology would bring to their existing working

The solution

In 2017 the Group decided to migrate much of their
infrastructure and applications to the Cloud to reduce
operating costs and to enable new ways of working.
A central part of this strategy was to adopt the latest
Microsoft tools including O365 for Exchange, SharePoint,
Skype, Teams and Yammer, etc.
Recognising that the Group did not have all the
necessary skills in house, Deltascheme was appointed
as their partner, due to their proven track record and
implementation methodology.

From the outset it was recognised that, before any
content could be migrated into O365, a robust
Information Architecture (IA) would need to be designed
so the system was easy-to-use but protected sensitive
information and data (e.g. for GDPR).
The IA that was designed considers the corporate
structure (typically around ‘processes’), naming
conventions, metadata, term sets, permissions, search,
content ownership, data protection, data loss prevention
and retention & disposition, etc.
In addition, the Group has also adopted Nintex to work
with O365 to deliver online forms, such as an expense
claims and purchase requisitions, which can be filled in by
staff on any device, before they are then processed and
approved via workflows.
Nintex is also used to ensure corporate content is kept
up-to-date, by triggering tasks to ‘content owners’ to
update their content (e.g. policies & procedures, etc.) for
the corporate Intranet, which is an integrated part of the


The Group have now established a robust platform
in O365 that delivers on their objective of migrating
applications to the Cloud. The solution is driving
corporate compliance and helping protect sensitive
information. O365 is enabling staff to access content and
collaborate more efficiently, both locally and remotely, via
a web browser on a range of devices.
Getting the IA right from the beginning is enabling
the Group to expand the use of the system relatively
painlessly across different business functions and
teams. One advantage is that staff can now see all of the
content relevant to their role (‘roles-based’ view) meaning
they can quickly see all the content associated with the
processes they undertake (e.g. ‘pre-termination’), helping
them to avoid the risk of missing key content when
making decisions.
Since implementing O365 and Nintex, the Group has now
started using the platform to deliver a range of business
applications. This approach avoids the need to purchase
additional products and the creation of multiple silos
of information. The initial applications have included
Contracts Management, HR Records Management and
Purchase Requisition.

The Future

Having successfully built up in-house expertise and
deployed O365 to their users, the Group is now looking
to extend the use of the platform to enable the business
to be able to better respond to a rapidly evolving work
place. They also intend to adopt some of the other tools
which are available with O365 which include Power BI,
Power Apps and Flow to deliver new applications and
improve business reporting & insights.

“The work Deltascheme undertook using Nintex
afforded us the opportunity to skill up our
IT team to manage ongoing migration and
business process re-engineering work, creating
a more agile and responsive service for our
users moving forward.”

Robert McDade
IT Manager, Eildon Group