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Auto-classification is the ability to scan the contents of a document and automatically assign categories and keywords found in the document contents. Software vendors have different approaches to auto classification and Deltascheme will work with you to identify the product most appropriate for your requirements.

Within Office 365, applying classification labels to content greatly improves an organisation’s ability to find information, whilst enabling information managers to control how content is managed and used. A user cannot be forced to manually add a classification label to content. The labelling relies on the user remembering to tag an item and apply the correct classification label. As a result, the auto-classification of content is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as the scale of corporate content and storage options grow.

The Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 licence supports rules-based auto-classification, using any combination of keywords, metadata and content. This allows retention schedules to be globally applied to content stored in different Microsoft 365 services.
Supporting Microsoft’s auto-classification capabilities, Deltascheme also recommend complimentary best-of-breed knowledge and search products from ConceptSearching and TermSet. Such products provide a more sophisticated method of evaluating content to determine a metadata classification, based on statistical algorithms that include semantic word frequency and location analysis. For example, the words “Triple”, “Heart”, and “Bypass” have alternative meanings out of context. However, when the words are put together we derive accurate meaning. This simple technique for detecting and processing at the multi-word concept level helps accurately classify content using more sophisticated data dictionaries.

Please see out partner list for further details on these products and links to their respective web sites.


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