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Digital transformation is an exciting area with almost unbounded opportunity to evolve and refine existing inefficient processes. Picking the right technology though is far from easy, new capabilities from established players arrive almost daily and it is our responsibility to select the technologies at the right time in their life cycle; Too early often sees poor scalability, low functionality and a less than reliable system; Too late and the technology is restrictive, uses old interface, and feels clunky.

Deltascheme focus on products from Nintex and Microsoft that are in the sweet spot of their technology life cycle. Nintex have established themselves with a rich suite of workflow and forms based products high in functionality, mature, but modern and dynamic. Microsoft likewise have some excellent products especially around mobile access to SharePoint content and light weight process automation.

Our consultants follow a flexible methodology that seeks to quickly establish the viability of a low code/no code approach before building out the solution, sometimes with specific bespoke code written either as JavaScript on a web page or Azure code.


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