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The main reasons for migration are a document repository has reached end of life, content can’t be found or sensitive data (such as that subject to GDPR) is held in an uncontrolled environment. Our focus is to help our clients get that data into a safe environment, typically Office 365 / SharePoint, and apply appropriate transformations to the data as required (e.g. OCR, additional metadata, permissions).

We have many years’ experience performing technically complex data migrations between a diverse range of platforms including Microsoft SharePoint, Open Text Livelink, HP TRIM, FileNet Panagon, ProjectWise and various file shares. A typical migration follows a proven methodology that scopes the migration work, establishes a strategy to carry out the migration, provides tools (off the shelf if possible), plans the migration and supports the migration.

To deliver this, we call upon a broad range of skills and third-party products to provide the appropriate migration tools ranging from bespoke code (to extract content from a legacy document management system) to sophisticated auto-classification tools that can OCR documents, auto-classify documents, and even move documents identified as sensitive to a safe place (useful for ensuring GDPR compliance). Our key partners in this area are Sharegate, Concept Searching and TermSet.


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