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For a SharePoint environment we view Records Management as an extension to the work we carry out when configuring SharePoint as a Document Management system. For many record management requirements out of the box SharePoint configuration, possibly with support from custom workflows, will be sufficient but where a MoReq compliant records management solution is required we provide the RecordPoint solution. Deltascheme also have a number of professional service offerings around management dashboards and physical records management.

A typical project will see our SharePoint consultants work with you to perform a content audit leading to appropriate file plan, designing a top level site structure to reflect your organisation and any regulatory constraints, configuring SharePoint in an agile manner with your departments, working with you to establish a governance framework and finally carrying out adoption support including training. For those clients in the public sector, the technical architecture will need to reflect the government classification scheme which may lead to a hybrid system with some components in the cloud and some on premise.



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