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Deltascheme Support

With our extensive experience in designing, building and implementing SharePoint Solutions, we will support end to end your Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 Applications. This includes SharePoint configuration, SharePoint customisations, and a number of third party specialist products that complement SharePoint.

Our dedicated First Line Support team operate a help desk that you can call during normal working hours. Once a call has been logged, a technical consultant will be allocated to work on your issue. The response time you receive depends upon which type of subscription you have purchased and the priority of the call. All time spent will use one or more pre-paid service credits. Support is purchased on an annual basis and will include a number of service credits which can be topped up as required.

In addition to reactive support, you may also build proactive support activities into your support contract with Deltascheme. These include:-

  • SharePoint Platform Health Check
    A periodic review of all production servers to check event logs, disk space etc.
  • Hot Standby Resource Days
    For critical periods a dedicated technical resource will be scheduled to immediately action your support calls.
  • Reporting
    Monthly status reports on the support activity and its performance.