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Microsoft InfoPath is a forms-creation and data-gathering tool that helps organisations streamline business processes. 

Without writing code, users can design sophisticated electronic forms to quickly and cost-effectively gather information. While Microsoft still support InfoPath in a limited capacity, it's support will end for most organisations in July 2021, and for all in July 2026.

There are a number of forward-looking successors to Microsoft InfoPath - each offering opportunities and capabilities of their own:

  • Microsoft Power Apps provides rich low-code form design and delivery capabilities woven tightly into the Office 365 and Azure infrastructure through the Power Platform.
  • Nintex Forms provides flexible low-code form design and delivery capabilities both outside, and within the Microsoft infrastructure through the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform, and Nintex Forms for Office 365.
  • The Microsoft SPfx toolkit, allied with the Fluent API, and JavaScript REACT library provides a potent combination to build bespoke, responsive, flexible, and performant user interfaces based on the same user-interface foundations as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, and the PowerApps platform.

Deltascheme has a wealth of experience with the Microsoft Power Platform, Nintex Forms, and bespoke responsive web application development. We have worked on no code, low code, bespoke user interfaces, and everything in-between. We encourage and foster the sharing of knowledge with clients, providing a trusted guiding hand to assist your own team, and an expert development team for more complex projects.

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