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Microsoft SharePoint Online is the premier content, knowledge, and business management portal in use throughout the world today. It empowers organisations to construct diverse business applications - sharing files, data, news, and resources through rich, intuitive, flexible, controlled, and secure environments integrated tightly with the Microsoft Office 365 product suite.

With powerful search, discovery, and the automated process management capabilities brought about by Power Automate, SharePoint Online accelerates productivity by transforming processes and procedures throughout organisations.

Deltascheme have been working with SharePoint since its inception - delivering transformative solutions across a variety of business sectors. As SharePoint has expanded and evolved, so has Deltascheme's knowledge of it - gaining industry recognition, and an unparalleled depth of experience along the way.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consulting activities: -

  • Information architecture and Information Governance. The design of where to put information, what security to put round it and the use of Teams / Groups.
  • Document and Records Management. The latest incarnations of Office 365 / SharePoint seemingly does without metadata, which is fine for the collaborative world where the “latest” and “most active” document is presented at front of house, but that’s not much good for a corporate document and record management repository. There is available excellent functionality tucked away in both SharePoint and the Security and Compliance Centre we can help you unlock.
  • Identification of Sensitive content has become a new worry for IT departments everywhere, especially with the new GDPR requirements. We can introduce tools that automatically classify this content allowing appropriate security controls to be put in place.
  • Intranets / Extranets. The line has become quite blurred between document management and Intranets in some instances. We can help you deliver clean well-designed pages and implement the smart use of web parts to greatly reduce the burden of maintaining Intranet pages which link to content.

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